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Welcome to Dazzling site terms and conditions for utilize. These terms and conditions apply to the utilization of this Website and by getting to this Website and additionally influencing a Booking for Services you to consent to be bound by the Terms and Conditions set out beneath. On the off chance that you don't consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions kindly don't utilize our Website. Before you put in a request with us, in the event that you have any inquiries identifying with these Terms and Conditions please contact our help group by email at



"Booking" implies to reserving a Services by you on our Website. By any means of contact (Call, Email Text or face to face )

"Services" implies to cleaning, maintenance or other support services, offered or provided on behalf of Dazzling

"Cleaning Professional" or "Cleaning Operative or Professional Technician" implies to supplier or organization accessible and/ or completing cleaning or support services on behalf of Dazzling

"We/us" implies Dazzling Three LTD ;

"Site" implies the site situated at any ensuing URL which may supplant it;

'You'' or a "Customer" or "Client'' implies individual, firm or corporate body for whom a cleaning, maintenance or other administration is performed.

The Client agrees that any use of the Company's services, incorporating putting in a demand for services by telephone, email or constitutes the Client's affirmation of these Terms and Conditions.


2.1 Access

You are offered access to this Website according to these Terms and Conditions and any Booking made by you ought to be made completely according to these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 Registration

2.2.1 By entering as a customer of our Website, you warrant that:

(a) the individual information which you give when you select as a customer and moreover make a Booking is legitimate, correct, present and complete in all respects; and

(b) you will inform us regarding any movements to this individual information by achieving our customer advantage operators

2.2.2 You agree not to impersonate some other individual or substance or to use a false name or a name that you are not affirmed to use.


2.3 Our rights

We keep up whatever specialist is expected to:

(a) change or draw back, quickly or forever, this Website (or any part thereof) with or without notice to you and you avow that we won't not be in danger to you or any untouchable for any acclimation to or withdrawal of the Website; or possibly

(b) Change these Terms and Conditions occasionally as illuminated underneath. In case you don't agree to such revised terms and conditions, you ought to stop using the Website. If you continue utilizing the Website, you will be respected to have recognized the adjusted terms.


3) Dazzling Services Platform

3.1 We go about as a booking office for autonomously utilized Cleaning Professionals. Our concurrence with you is obliged to the course of action of use of our Website.

3.2 Your cleaning capable is responsible for giving the Services to you and you have a quick contract among you and Dazzling office concerning the course of action of Services. This assention excludes us. You and cleaning specialists are accountable for any evaluations developing in view of the Services.

3.3 We review applications, lead meets and grasp distinctive checks of the cleaning specialists, with some of this system subject to information from or endeavored by pariahs. You perceive that we don't and can't guarantee the precision or satisfaction of such checks, paying little heed to whether drove by us or by untouchables.

3.4 You perceive that you use cleaning capable at your own specific risk. You agree to give a secured work environment to cleaning specialists and to take no chances to coordinate the cleaning specialists.


Kindly note  that we just connect clients, (for example, you) with Service Providers via platform. We don't, ourselves, perform any cleaning or maintenance services and any agreement for the arrangement of those administrations is amongst you and the pertinent Service Provider (and not us). It is up to the Service Provider to perform any services you ask for through Dazzling and you consent to conform to any terms of an administration that apply between you and the Service Provider in place.

In the event that you have to express dissatisfaction related to a specific service provided by a Service Provider, that statement must be referred directly to the Service Provider. If you are unable to come to an agreement settling the matter with a Service Provider, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to resolve the debate.


We do take sensible measures to guarantee the appropriateness and nature of the Service Providers, including, without confinement, directing meetings, getting confirmation of personal details and address history and acquiring references. In any case, you recognize that, in completing any checks, we are dependent on data provided by third parties and we can't ensure that such data is precise. We additionally can't ensure that a specific Service Provider is reasonable for your motivations and you utilize Service Providers at your own hazard, despite the fact that we may expel a Service Provider from Dazzling based on any input you or different clients given in connection to that Service Provider on the off chance that we esteem it fitting, however are under no commitment to do as such.

Best Advice: Advice is given in consistence with regular respectability and it is everlastingly your decision to recognize course on paying little respect to whether to keep particular having a place. Shocking can't thusly recognize obligation with respect to the aftereffects of such decisions. Occasionally, the cleaning specialists may manage things which have a possibly high market regard. While they do, they will constantly use my best endeavors to recognize such things among your having a place, you perceive that the cleaning specialists are not a valuer, nor do they have the authority to recognize things of exceptional regard or inconsistency, nor are they fit the bill to admonishment on valuation matters for insurance purposes. Whatever you pick not to keep, they may decide to re-use and reuse however much as could be normal.


Handling : When the cleaning specialists handle items having a place with customers they take extraordinary care to deal with them. Unfortunately, setbacks may happen. Staggering won't not be in danger for mishaps or damage, howsoever caused, and rely upon the customers to pass on assurance reliably which enough compensates them for adversities or mischief howsoever caused by the cleaning specialists in their capacity as customer's administrator.


Removal of things: Items to be ousted from your premises, either for exchange or to various zones, must be at your own specific carefulness. Exchange won't occur without your authorisation. The client recognizes obligation with respect to all or any things disposed of in the tidying up process.


Hours of work: You will be charged for a significant long time truly worked. While a booking will, generally, be made for a pre-agreed time span, it's fathomed that it isn't by and large possible to imagine absolutely to what degree will be required. A day's holding which winds up including five hours' work will along these lines be charged for five hours and not seven! If the organizations take longer than anticipated, your cleaning specialists will chat with you in the midst of the session and we agree together what is best to do; finish the session and charge extra time or profit for one more day.


Access: If you attract the cleaning specialists to work in a particular region and access is restricted, Dazzling keeps up all expert to charge for the lost time and the cleaning specialists' development costs.


Breaks and refreshments: If a session covers a whole day or more than 6 hours work the cleaning specialists will require irregular breaks. They may in like manner take a twelve break for several minutes to restore and invigorate themselves and proceed with the organization. They will bring their own specific lunch and refreshments and the time used for a break or twelve will be tackled the best for which the customer won't be charged moreover.



4.1 By putting in a demand through our Website or contacting us and booking an organization, you warrant that you are: legitimately fit for going into limiting contracts, and no under 18 years old.

4.2 After putting in a demand, you will get an email from us perceiving that we have gotten your Booking. You should observe this does not suggest that your Booking has been recognized. All Bookings are subject to affirmation by us, and we will insist such affirmation to you by sending you an email in light of a legitimate concern for the picked Housekeeper to asserts the Booking (the "Booking Confirmation"). The understandings among us and you and among you and the cleaning capable may be confined when we send you the Booking Confirmation.

4.3 You agree that you won't attempt to book any Services from any cleaning specialists other than by methods for our Website or achieving our operators in the working environment for the length of this comprehension and in the half year after the finish of this affirmation. 2.1. These Terms and Conditions address an understanding between the Company and the Client.

4.4 Both sides may ensure that their different obligations under this declaration are grasped in consistency with each statutory course and sets of standards.

4;.5 Unless for the most part agreed in making by an official out of the Company, these Terms and Conditions should beat some different terms of business or purchase conditions put forth by the Client.

4.6 No assortment or modification of these Terms and Conditions ought to be honest to goodness unless supported in making by an official out of the Company.




5.1 The cost of any Services will be as refered to on our Website or agreed with an operator up close and personal or by methods for phone/email/content, beside in examples of clear botch.


5.2 Prices are committed to change at whatever point nonetheless, changes won't impact masterminds with respect to which we have adequately sent you a Booking Confirmation.


5.3 The rates of portion by the Company may as agree between the Company and the Client, or his delegate. The Client may make no diminishment or support from the sum due under any receipt.


5.4 Every effort has been made on this Website to ensure that making a Booking is secure. We can't be responsible for counterfeit clients on our Website of a lost portion card.


5.5 You should keep up a honest to goodness portion card with us. You ought to exhort us immediately if your portion card purposes of intrigue are no more significant.


5.6 You favor us to search for pre-authorisation of your portion card. You moreover endorse us to charge your portion card in full upon the landing of the arranged Booking or after the booked Booking.


5.7 Unless by and large agreed by the Company the record is rendered for fast portion on the complete of the work. The Client must profit, credit/platinum card or BACS to realization.


5.8 If any aggregate due by you is unpaid after the day of the arranged Booking, we may charge a £10 association cost and interest each month.


5.9 If a portion isn't made inside 30 days of the receipt then the client record will be passed to an aggregation office, after which additional charges will apply. The client agrees as a segment of this consent to pay each sensible cost in social event unpaid charges.


5.10 An uncommon code, blessing voucher or voucher may simply be used by new customers. Unprecedented Offer must be recuperated once per family. Outstanding Offer must be recovered once per customer. Phenomenal Offer must be recouped against home cleaning organizations (no additional organizations) unless by and large communicated. Exceptional Offer must be recuperated against typical step by step or fortnightly cleans. Distinctive terms and conditions apply. You should connect with us for moreover purposes of intrigue.


5.11 Dazzling may at its sole watchfulness offer its own specific refunds and exceptional offers to potential and existing customers to progress Dazzling' business as an administrator. These offers won't diminish the idea got by the cleaner and may in this way include Dazzling financing the idea in light of the cleaner in a couple of conditions. The customer perceives that any idea paid by the customer as a noteworthy part of a Dazzling constrained time uncommon up to the measure of imagined that would somehow be a direct result of the cleaning capable at the agreed standard rates is altogether thought on the grounds that about the cleaning capable.


6) BOOKING Cancelation BY US


6.1. Should it be possible we will reliably endeavor to let you know in case we can't keep giving the organizations.


6.2. If you manhandle any of the Terms and Conditions, your agree to use the Services and Website will normally end.


6.3. We keep up all specialist to drop any Booking without notice or cause.


7) BOOKING Cancelation BY YOU


7.1 You may cross out or reschedule a Booking 48 hours before the Booking in vain.


7.2 For cancelations under 48 hours before the Booking, you will be charged a late cancelation cost proportionate to one hour of cleaning. For cancelations with under 2 hours' notice before the Booking start time, or if your cleaning capable gets in contact for the tidy and can't get area or start the clean or if keys are given they should open all locks with no remarkable undertakings or aptitudes, you will be charged segment of the cost of the Booking. Decreased cost of the Booking will in like manner


7.3 The Client can change a date, time, repeat or day of organization with 48 hours see from the accompanying Booking. The Company will do its best to suit their request. Any movements to booked organizations are subject to a 48 hours sooner notice and availability.




8.1 We have a £5m open hazard insurance approach embraced by a principle wellbeing net supplier. There are plenitudes of at any rate £250, dependent upon the specific kind of claim, which will be at your cost.


8.2 This approach is simply prepared to cover exceptional conditions, for example, real harm to the cleaning capable or genuine mischief to property, for instance, fire.


8.3 Dazzling keeps up all specialist to decay to reveal any private reports.



9.1 All organizations may be respected to have been done to the Client's satisfaction unless notice is gotten by the Company with purposes of enthusiasm of the challenge inside 48 hours of the work being done. All protestations must be gotten verbally or in making by post, fax or email no later than 48 hours after the satisfaction of the organization. The Company will totally investigate any protesting and try to decide it according to the general slant of the Client, or then again to a sensible standard.


9.2 The Client agrees to allow the Company back to re-clean any addressed districts/things before making any undertakings to clean those domains/things himself or planning an outcast to finish cleaning or repair organizations as for the above. Failure to do all things considered will void Dazzling Guarantee and we will consider the issue totally settled. If portion has not been gotten in full or has been stopped by the Client, we will immediately insinuate the record for get-together.


9.3 The Client agrees that on account of the possibility of the organization the Company guarantees just to modify any issues uncovered inside 48 hours of the summit of the organization.


9.4 The Company may anticipate that segment will the region of the claim inside 48 hours to correct the issue.


9.5 The Client agrees to look at the work quickly after its fulfillment and to draw the cleaning specialists' thought with respect to any unprecedented cleaning issues while they are still adjacent. The wiping operators will do any such additional work to the Client's aggregate satisfaction.

9.6 If the Client prepares an outcast to evaluate the result of the cleaning then the Company must be educated before completing the organization.


9.7 if there ought to be an event of an untouchable evaluating or declining to survey the result from the cleaning then the Company can't be considered accountable for revising any excellent cleaning issues not said by the outcast.


9.8 While the cleaning specialists twist around in reverse not to break things, incidents do happen. Indistinct substitution is continually tried however not guaranteed. For this specific reason, Dazzling requesting each and every essential thing (paying little mind to whether fiscally or contemplatively vital) be secured as well as not cleaned by the cleaning specialists.


9.9 if there ought to emerge an event of an exhibited hurt fault, the cleaning specialists will repair the thing at its cost. In case the thing can't be repaired the Dazzling will review the issue by recognizing the customer for the thing's accessible honest to goodness cash regard toward a like substitution from a Dazzling's perpetual supply of cleaning organizations rendered. The damage should be represented inside 24 hours after satisfaction of the organization.


9.10 If any examinations of to what degree it will take the clearing specialists to complete the activities required are being given that is only a measure in light of the typical time it takes to clean a home or an office of similar size to the Client's, it being difficult to assess totally to what degree such endeavors may take and that a level of versatility may be required.


9.11 The Client fathoms that the esteem they have been refered to isn't for a "package deal" and excludes anything isolated from cleaning and squeezing. No additional organizations are joined unless for the most part put in created.

9.12 The cleaning specialists are happy to move furniture. Furniture which must be moved will be discussed with the client in the midst of the gathering to make sense of what is moved and how. If the furniture is excessively considerable or may make any peril a further mischief by moving it or the cleaning specialists don't feel great moving it, the cleaning specialists may decay to move the furniture.


9.13 All sensitive and incredibly delicate things must be secured or ousted by the Client.


9.14 The Client may ensure that all benefits are secured when work is done and that the property is regulated by the Client or his delegate reliably finished the traverse of the work. Astonishing won't not be responsible for the Client's failure to consent to this dedication.


9.15 You agree to treat Service Providers chivalrously and authentically and to give a secured and appropriate working environment for them in consistency with each and every material law and bearings. You in like manner agree to give them every single sensible datum, cleaning supplies and co-undertaking required to enable them to give the organizations you have inquired.




Associations with outside locales on the Website are offered solely to your advantage. If you use these associations, you leave the Website. We have not kept an eye on any of these outside locales and don't control and are not responsible for these destinations or their substance or availability. We therefore don't guarantee or make any depictions about them, or any material found there, or any results that may be gotten from using them. If you get to any of the pariah locales associated with the Website, you do in that capacity out and out at your own specific risk.



We process information about you according to our Privacy Policy. By using our Website, you consent to such taking care of and you warrant that all data gave you is exact.




12.1 Our commitment for setbacks you continue due to us breaking this comprehension is completely limited to the sticker price of the Services you gained in the previous a half year.


12.2 This confinement excludes or limitation at all our commitment for death or individual harm caused by our imprudence, coercion or tricky double dealing, or any issue for which it would be unlawful for us to bar, or try to preclude our hazard.


12.3 We are not accountable for indirect adversities which happen as a response of the essential incident or damage, including yet not obliged: to loss of compensation or salary; loss of business; loss of advantages or contracts; loss of expected speculation reserves; loss of data; or, abuse of organization or office time however developing and whether caused by tort (checking imprudence), burst of understanding or something unique.


12.4 We will take all sensible care, in so far as it is in our vitality to do thusly, to keep the purposes of enthusiasm of your Booking and portion secure, yet without imprudence on our part we can't be held subject for any setback you may persevere if an untouchable gets unapproved access to any data you give while getting to or asking for from the Website.



13.1 We won't be in danger or accountable for any failure to perform or delay in execution of, any of our duties under a Contract that is caused by events outside our sensible control ("Force Majeure Event").


13.2 A Force Majeure Event consolidates any exhibition, event, non-happening, avoidance or accident past our sensible control and fuses into particular (without obstruction) the going with: strikes, jolt outs or other mechanical movement; basic tumult; revolt; interruption; mental aggressor ambush or peril of dread monger attack; war (paying little mind to whether reported or not) or hazard or getting ready for war; fire, impact, storm, surge, tremor, subsidence, epidemic or other calamitous occasion; trouble of usage of railways, shipping, plane, motor transport or diverse techniques for open or private transport; incomprehensibility of the use of open or private media interchanges frameworks; acts, orders, institution, headings or restrictions of any governing body.


13.3 Our execution under any Contract is regarded to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and we will have an enlargement of time for execution for the length of that period. We will use our sensible endeavors to close the Force Majeure Event or to find an answer by which our duties under the Contract may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event.




14.1 Intellectual property and ideal to utilize




13.1 We won't be in danger or accountable for any failure to perform or delay in execution of, any of our duties under a Contract that is caused by events outside our sensible control ("Force Majeure Event").


13.2 A Force Majeure Event consolidates any exhibition, event, non-happening, avoidance or accident past our sensible control and fuses into particular (without obstruction) the going with: strikes, jolt outs or other mechanical movement; basic tumult; revolt; interruption; mental aggressor ambush or peril of dread monger attack; war (paying little mind to whether reported or not) or hazard or getting ready for war; fire, impact, storm, surge, tremor, subsidence, epidemic or other calamitous occasion; trouble of usage of railways, shipping, plane, motor transport or diverse techniques for open or private transport; incomprehensibility of the use of open or private media interchanges frameworks; acts, orders, institution, headings or restrictions of any governing body.


13.3 Our execution under any Contract is regarded to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues, and we will have an enlargement of time for execution for the length of that period. We will use our sensible endeavors to close the Force Majeure Event or to find an answer by which our duties under the Contract may be performed despite the Force Majeure Event.




14.1 Intellectual property and ideal to utilize

14.1.1 Unless generally expressed, the copyright and other protected innovation rights in the substance on the Website are claimed by us or our licensors. Any entrance or utilization of the Website for any reason other than your own, non-business utilize is precluded.


14.1.2 No piece of the Website might be duplicated or put away in some other site or incorporated into any open or private electronic recovery framework or Website without our earlier composed authorization.


14.1.3 You recognize and concur that the material and substance contained inside the Website is made accessible for your own non-business utilize just and that you may download such material and substance onto just a single PC hard drive for such reason. Some other utilization of the material and substance of the Website is entirely denied.


14.1.4 You concur not to (and concur not to help or encourage any outsider to) duplicate, replicate, transmit, distribute, show, disperse, industrially misuse or make subsidiary works of such material and substance.


14.1.5 If you distribute any substance on our Website, for example, audits, remarks, appraisals, profiles or postings, you give us an around the world, ceaseless, non-select, eminence free permit to duplicate, adjust, adjust or show such Content on our Website.

14.2 Compliance with laws


The Website might be utilized just for legitimate purposes and in a legal way. You consent to conform to every single pertinent law, statutes, and directions in regards to the Website and any exchanges led on or through the Website


14.3 Written Communications


Appropriate laws require that a portion of the data or interchanges we send to you ought to be in composing. When utilizing our site, you acknowledge that correspondence with us will be for the most part electronic. We will get in touch with you by email or give you data by posting sees on our site. For authoritative purposes, you consent to this electronic methods for correspondence and you recognize that all agreements, notification, data and different interchanges that we furnish to you electronically conform to any legitimate prerequisite that such interchanges be in composing. This condition does not influence your statutory rights.


14.4 Notices


All notification given by you to us must be given to Dazzling, address. We may pull out to you at either the email or postal deliver you give to us when making a Booking, or as determined previously. Notice will be regarded gotten and legitimately served quickly when posted on our site, 24 hours after an email is sent, or three days after the date of posting of any letter. In demonstrating the administration of any notice, it will be adequate to demonstrate, on account of a letter, that such letter was appropriately tended to, stamped and set in the post and, on account of an email that such email was sent to the predefined email address of the recipient.


14.5 Transfer of rights and commitments


14.5.1 The assention amongst you and us is authoritative on you and us and on our separate successors and allots.


14.5.2 You may not exchange, relegate, charge or generally discard a Contract, or any of your rights or commitments emerging under it, without our earlier composed assent.


14.5.3 We may exchange, appoint, charge, sub-contract or generally discard a Contract, or any of our rights or commitments emerging under it, whenever amid the term of the Contract.


14.6 Severance


On the off chance that any piece of these Terms and Conditions should be considered unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, at that point that arrangement might be regarded to be severable from these Terms and Conditions and should not influence the legitimacy and enforceability of any of the rest of the arrangements of these Terms and Conditions.


14.7 Waiver


No waiver by us might be understood as a waiver of any procedure or succeeding rupture of any arrangement.


14.8 Entire Agreement


These Terms and Conditions and any archive explicitly alluded to in them constitute the whole assention between us as for the topic of any agreement and supersede any past correspondences or understandings between us.


14.9 Our Right to Vary these Terms and Conditions


We have the privilege to update and change these Terms and Conditions every once in a while. You will be liable to the strategies and Terms and Conditions in constrain at the time that you book Services from us. If you don't mind consistently check our Website for new forms.


14.10 Law


These Terms and Conditions and the Contracts should be administered by and translated as per the laws of England and you permanently submit to the selective purview of the courts of England. Any question or case emerging out of or regarding the Contracts or their development (counting non-legally binding debate or cases) might be liable to the elite locale of the courts of England and Wales.


14.11 Contact Information


We can be reached by email at (email) and by post at address, or telephone.


We've influenced our cleaning to benefit terms and conditions accessible on the site for your thought. Full administration, installment, cancelation, protection, harm terms are definite beneath. In the event that you have any inquiries, get in touch with us on 02086402011


As talked about observe the Terms and Conditions that we concurred will be totally reconsidered and composed over leaving a similar importance however extraordinary words and articulations, with various sentences.


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