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Fridge/Freezer Cleaning

The fridge is the most visited space in your home or office where you are generally seeking for something refreshing and tasty! Its disinfection and regular cleaning are of great importance for your health as being the space you do store the food you and family members consume! If the fridge is in your office space it is being used 10 times more often and sometimes food is being forgotten causing unpleasant smell or stains and sometimes providing a favourable environment for germs and microbes. A professional cleaner will be happy to attend at your home or office and assist in cleaning the fridge and/ or freezer at a convenient time for you.
Our professionals will be happy to help you with storing and organising the fresh food back and dispose the rest only after your specific instructions.
!Please bare in mind that Cleaning of a Freezer can be made most efficient and with best results when defrosted at least 24 hours before your cleaning professional attends.

BBQ Cleaning

The BBQ season is coming with the sun trying to show its smile behind the clowds and warming up the air. And that forgotten in the garden over the winter BBQ is starting to bring back the memories. Just call us and we will have it ready for you for the afternoon party. You can fully focus on having a great lunch or dinner and enjoy your outdoor cooking endeavours without any worries, while we take care of the rest.


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