The Dazzling is offering practical help, guidance and encouragement to organize various aspects of your homes and/or offices – and lives. The Dazzling professionals offer a range of expert services including decluttering, storage solutions, discrete organizing of paperwork and documentation in all London areas.

The Dazzling professionals are trustworthy, discreet, positive and efficient. We are also great at restoring the order out of the beautiful chaos. If you need cupboards cleared, drawers de-cluttered, office space organized, paper-work prioritized, supersystems set up do not hesitate to contact us and have it all sorted out with a ring of a phone.

We also know how it feels to open a wardrobe full of clothes and yet to find nothing to wear. Yes, and an office full of work and paperwork all completed but nowhere to be found. This is where we are glad to give a hand and help you refresh the picture. As claiming your space back can also mean claiming a part of your life.

We have mastered the ‘perfect folding’ and a wardrobe ‘style edit’ techniques. Choosing what to wear will suddenly feel like a trip to your favorite boutique. We will help you take care of all of your belongings, coordinate your movers, unpack & get your new place in order. If you have eventually moved in and are exclusively surrounded by a number of boxes, just let Dazzling step in and turn that reigning mess into a beautifully organized space while you are out exploring your new neighborhood or having a relaxing cup of tea. We could also gladly organize charity collections scheduled for everything you may decide will be of better use to anyone else.

Is your home or office bursting at the seams and in need of some organizing? The cleaning professionals will be glad to visit and discuss your needs, declutter and organize your office space and restore a sense of balance in a discrete and professional manner. Our cleaning professionals will be able to attend even after working hours in case your office is full of busy bees during the day.

Why our customers choose Dazzling Decluttering Services:

  • Bespoke service, tailored according to your needs and priorities
  • Trained, Dedicated and Discrete Professionals
  • Fully background checked and insured experts
  • No hidden charges or extra fees
  • 24/7 Bookings and Support with no extra costs even on bank holidays

It is an hourly based service and we will send you a professionally trained and dedicated only to you professional who will do their magic and transform your wardrobe, desk, home or office by the hour.

Contact us for DeCluttering service in London postcodes withhin M25.


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